Interactive Customer Engagement Management

Interactive Customer Engagement Framework

RETCHAT Product Offerings


Centralized platform that integrates CRM data insight, digital media targeting, inbound and outbound channels into one interactive engagement management hub, with built-in real-time tracking, monitoring and machine learning-based optimisation capability.

a.Data on-boarding: targeting via offline data and online insights
b.Interactive Strategy Design: design tailored micro-targeting campaigns for different channels and demographics
c.Data Union Operations: Enable cross and up sell capabilities with partners

Cloud ModelFactory

Cloud ModelFactory is a fast way to help Business get the analytics job done when resource is limited today. By installing utility software from Cloud ModelFactory, RETCHAT data scientist can build “Operator” to solve the analytics problem remotely for any enterprise. The operator will execute the analytics job inside database infrastructure, allowing IT to monitor the process and keep Data governed within IT environments.


In the old days, there are ETL appliance and Data Warehouse Appliance. For digital enterprise, data from offline and online streams need to be processed, filtered, integrated, and stored in Big Data and Fast Data way. RETCHAT DataBox built on hadoop/Kafka/Spark Streaming is a Simple Way for enterprise to own a private “Data-as-a-Service” infrastructure and an easy pathway to upgrade to hybrid cloud infrastructure.