iCEM Cloud Software System

5 KEY Components for Successful
Data Monetization Operation

Implementing an effective Data Monetization Operation successfully is never an easy mission,
especially when the operation is charted to empower the digital enterprise to win and sustain.
There are five key components; all need to be working seamlessly and in an integrated and orchestrated fashion in order to achieve the mission:


A unique way to define, label, segment and profile the industry’s target customers as well as modeling framework that describes, defines and differentiates the enterprise’s unique customer life cycle and lifetime value.


A hub that collects and manages customer data from different touch points along their engagement journey and over the next few years, increasingly include data sources from enrichment sources such as wearable fitness trackers or smart cars.


A set of Enterprise applications including eCommerce, CRM, Marketing Automation and Digital Media Content Management tools that systemize the daily Enterprise customer facing operational processes.


A dashboard and reporting system that analyses the correlations and possible causations for conversion yield management from the micro-target interaction strategy and execution gameplans.


A robust customer engagement management system that allows Enterprise to track customers as they engage from and across different entry points with the enterprise, while responding in an orchestrated, 1:1 Targeted and Personalized way with respect to the status of each interaction.

RETCHAT Outsourcing Services

Big Data Infrastructure Implementation Outsourcing

The tremendous data available from touch-point channels create complexities in storage and operation management. RETChat Big Data Infrastructure Implementation Outsourcing services include: Architecture Advisory, Proof of Concept, Setting up, Implementing and running Big Data Infrastructure from inception to roll out. In addition, our engineers will design and implement the right integration framework and process for handling enterprise data, develop and test big data integration code for data capture, delivery and data stream loading from online/offline sources into the Big Data Infrastructure environment.

Data On-boarding & Enrichment Outsourcing


Help enterprise on-board their offline data into an online environment whereby offline customers insight can be leveraged for online real- time customer profiling, preference segmentation, upsell, Xsell, Look-a-like and Act-a-like customer acquisitions campaign execution.


While Data On-boarding leverages offline data insights for online decision support, Enrichment Services connect with Data Enrichment partners to acquire new insights with anonymous online profiles to drive more precise and more relevant interactions throughout the consumer journey.

Data Monetization Service

Data has no value without monetization process Fragmented data need proper “brewing” with other data sources to gain value and generate actionable insights. RETChat Data Monetization Outsourcing services include: customer profiling and segment creation, selling opportunity matching, recommendation offer and implementing these business logics as Fast Data Monetization System. “Fast” means thousands to tens of thousands of times per second depending our fast data infrastructure design. RETChat Data Monetization services integrate system and technology with analytic-driven decision process, enabling enterprise to truly digitalise how they interact and engage their customers.