Interactive Engagement
Made Easy

WE help enterprises streamline data onto ONE integrated platform to drive value engagement, analytics, and syndication

Integrating Digital Media and CRM

For any enterprise to win in a consumer-centric digital era, it is essential to be able to continuously analyze, curate, and drive customer engagement in a fast and agile way.

RetChat iCEM is designed to assist businesses to execute their digital strategy, using our flexible, scalable, data-agnostic and business-logic agnostic platform to orchestrate real-time interactive engagement, while keeping data private and governed.

To meet Enterprise digital needs today and in future, RETChat iCEM is purpose built to have 6 core strengths:

1.ONE integrated platform
2.Fast, scalable, low-cost
3.Real-time analytic-driven cross-channel interaction management
4.Business Logic agnostic across all channels
5.Either on-premise or cloud, both give Enterprise total control on data.
6.Data-as-a-Service infrastructure


Brand Centric
TV, media & mass marketing


Channel Centric
Internet & eCommerce


Customer Centric
Digital Media & 1:1 targeting


Device Centric
AR, VR & Wearable Device

Purpose-built To Accelerate
Enterprise Digital Transformation

Our customers have described to us five success factors as their selection criteria when evaluate and choose
the right customer engagement management solution to help them accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation.